The Truth Behind Random Number Generators

Here at Ruby Slots, we use what is known as a random number generator to make sure that gameplay is always fair in our venue. In land-based venues, dealers are employed to handle the cards or spin the roulette wheels, but the slots and video poker machines are much like those found in online establishments. All of the outcomes are determined by a microprocessor that is constantly cycling through millions of random outcomes per second. When an individual chooses 'spin' or 'deal', then that outcome has already been determined. These programs are designed in such a way that everything is completely independent and fair.

RNG software can be a bit tricky, though. For instance, someone could literally spend hours feeding coins into one of our virtual slot machines without ever hitting the jackpot. Then, as soon as they step away, someone else drops a single coin and wins. It might seem unfair at first, but there are some things to consider here. First of all, there wasn't anything the first player could have done to influence that machine in any way. All of the outcomes were predetermined. The second player just happened to get lucky and stop the random number generator at the precise point to hit that jackpot. Despite the frustration, we employ this software to keep things fair for everyone and prevent any manipulation of the system.

In fact, something else to consider is that many venues have their fairness based off of the precision of their RNGs by third party companies like TST, or Technical Systems Testing, and the Casino Control Board. We are held to some pretty high standards when it comes to the way in which this technology is required to operate, and it's all done to ensure that everyone has the same chance of winning the same prize. In an online setting, it isn't only used for slots, but also for blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno and everything else imaginable because there aren't any real cards, dice, or wheels in use. For each of these, the program is altered slightly to match the title.