Play Right Away with Ruby Slots Instant

Several years ago, to increase the overall convenience factor for avid gamblers, online casinos were developed and quickly flooded the market. These days, to increase the convenience for avid online gamblers, instant casinos have been invented. These innovations increase the flexibility of web casinos overall, and provide players with immediate access to their favorite games. Ruby Slots instant casino, for example, is a no download casino that allows players to stream games live without waiting for software to download. This seemingly simple change makes a big difference for many casino members.

For instance, a no download casino saves players a significant amount of hard drive space. Typically, players need to register for casino membership and then download gaming software before they can begin playing. While those with brand new and up to date computers can easily store this software on their home computers, those with older models may not have the space necessary. As a result, games may run more slowly, or not at all. Ruby Slots instant casino offers these individuals a way to experience these games without dealing with those problems.

Additionally, an instant casino saves individuals a certain amount of time. Again, those with brand new computers can typically download software fairly quickly. However, some people spend more time downloading the software than they do playing the games. For those who just want to pull a few slot reels, an instant casino simply makes more logistical sense. What is required to ensure that these games run smoothly, however, is a solid Internet connection and an Adobe Flash player.

If you do have a strong connection and your computer can run either Flash or Java (depending on the game design), then all you need to do to play games right away at Ruby Slots Casino is register with the site and click on the Flash version of your favorite game. While the selection of games in the instant casino is somewhat limited when compared to the entire Ruby Slots repertoire, the casino still boasts an impressive variety of slot machines and classic table games. Moreover, all bonuses and promotions available on the full site are also available during instant play.

Another serious consideration for player's to mull over these days is the website's mobile version. Over at the new Goldencasinos site, there is an entire section dedicated to the latest mobile games and offers. What's the point in joining a site if you need to be tethered to your desktop? All serious online casinos are fully mobile compliant and have been for a couple years. While it shouldn't be your primary concern when joining a site, it does warrant attention.