Ruby Slots' Magic 7's Casino Game Rules

The best part about choosing to play specialty games at Ruby Slots Casino is the sheer number of unique options we have including scratch and wins. These can be enjoyed by users of all ages and backgrounds. Since it is so simple, it can be experienced by everyone and not just incredibly qualified online gamblers. They need no previous skills or exhaustive training to be successful. Plus, our establishment provides you with all the basics you need to be victorious in addition to allowing you the chance to practice and try these great selections out at zero cost. All you need to do is press "play" to the start revealing the covered up symbols. If the symbols on your card match the winning combos, you're a winner just like that.

One type of scratch and win is known as Magic 7's. The Magic 7's casino game rules are filled with super easy instructions and enjoying it online allows you to engage any time of the day or night. Our superbly animated graphics pull you in and take you on an enchanted journey where rabbits and lucky hats take over! Submit your wager by tapping the arrow key up or down. Options consist of $1, $2, $5, or $10 so it depends on you how much you are willing to risk. Press "play" and the activity is triggered. Various top hats will appear on the screen for you to uncover the symbols underneath. You have a choice of doing this one by one or all at once.

That is not all to our Magic 7's casino game rules. If you're wondering how you will know whether or not you've won, the software platform will determine everything for you. From the 10 top hats you unveil, you are searching for key symbols that match the specified chart in the guidelines area. For this activity, if you reveal a 7, then you're a winner. What's more, if you reveal a magic hat, the payout amount is multiplied by 2. Overall, a user can earn as much as 3000 times the original wager. Ruby Slots invites you to take your chances with our awesome user favorite; it can change your life.