Hot Dice Casino Game Rules at Ruby Slots

Online gambling can be one of the greatest treasures for those who enjoy the action, challenge, and risk of betting without having to travel to a real live establishment. On the internet from the comfort of your easy chair, you can play our specialty games at Ruby Slots Casino and win payouts just as awesome as--or even better than-- those in brick and mortar locations. Our specialty offerings range from bingo to keno and beyond. However, a popular favorite among numerous casual gamblers are the scratch and win activities. These mimic the paper tickets that you buy in convenience stores and lottery retailers around the country. Below you will find the Hot Dice casino game rules so that you can engage in one of our top scratch options.

The Hot Dice casino game rules are relatively easy to follow. After you have logged onto your Ruby Slots user account, select the activity and then submit the wager you would like to place. Pressing "play" will initiate the activity. Next, you will electronically scrape off the card covering to reveal the symbols beneath or you can merely click "scratch all" and all symbols will be exposed. With this selection you are hoping to find either a 7 or an 11 in total on the card. Sometimes you are given a chip symbol which can also lead to great rewards.

At Ruby Slots, our user interface is pretty simple to use even for those who are not very tech savvy. Bets can be lifted or lowered by manipulating up and down arrows on the screen. Pressing "play" starts the contest and "scratch all" unveils all the symbols at once. There is a special "rules" button in which a newbie participant can learn the basic guidelines of this particular scratch and win. Also, the "cashier" key allows a user to manage and change various account setting in addition to being an outlet to add or remove money as well as to process bonus coupons. As you can see, it is quick and easy to enjoy yet it promises the chance to win all sorts of great prizes as a result. Sign up and see for yourself now!